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i'm a very very complex person

i try to improve but you see how i worsen

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30 December 1978
Sinnemahoning road

I am a reader and a writer, a tea-drinker, an art-lover, and an amateur of many things: cooking, baking, gardening, photography. I am an anglophile, a feminist, and a literature snob. I dream of faraway travel and local knowledge: being able to name all the birds and trees in my Pennsylvania landscape. I love baseball, my two cats, reading in the bath, and long hikes in chilly weather.

This journal is mostly friends-only, but I am always happy to meet new people. Say hello.
a.s. byatt, adrienne rich, alice munro, andrew wyeth, art, baking, baseball, being an amateur naturalist, birds, birdwatching, bob dylan, book discussion, book reviewing, book reviews, books, butterflies, cake, canning, canoeing, carson mccullers, cats, cities, college basketball, colm tibn, concerts, conservation, cook's illustrated, cookbooks, cooking, cormac mccarthy, cross-country skiing, crossword puzzles, csa, dar williams, dogs, domesticity, e.m. forster, education, elizabeth bishop, england, environmentalism, etymology, feminism, fiction, folk music, food, frank o'hara, friendship, gardening, graham swift, gwendolyn brooks, henri matisse, hiking, historical fiction, introversion, ireland, james joyce, john updike, journal keeping, kissing, larry mcmurtry, letter writing, letters, literacy, literary criticism, literary fiction, literary magazines, literature, live music, london, longing, lydia davis, mail, marilynne robinson, mark buehrle, mark buehrle's perfect game, mary renault, meditation, memory, middle initials, milkshakes, modernism, music, natural history, nature, novels, ordinary beauty, pat barker, paul cezanne, philadelphia, photography, picnics, poetry, puzzles, quotidian details, reading, recipes, reminiscing, roddy doyle, salman rushdie, seasons, secrets, sherwood anderson, short fiction, simplicity, singing while driving, small pleasures, small presses, solitude, spencer finch, stationery, stony lake, stories, sunlight, sustainability, swimming, tea, the adirondacks, the creative process, the new yorker, the nields, the ocean, the white sox, theater, thomas mann, travel, trivia, tutoring, unc basketball, urban gardening, ursula k. leguin, used bookstores, virginia woolf, vladimir nabokov, w.g. sebald, wildflowers, william faulkner, william maxwell, words, writing

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